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Women Who Code Contribution

back-end development | Ruby on Rails | Github


When creating a profile, the forms don't ask for a user's location. This is helpful information to have since we may not have a network in their city and still want to add value to their lives in some other way.


Added location input on the edit profile page that is auto-completed by Google geocoding

Challenges along the way:

  • Needing to edit the database models to add new fields for latitude, longitude, and address as well as setup Google API key configuration for the project as well as register an account for my own development.
  • Deciding between continuing to use the jQuery library for geolocation used elsewhere in the application vs going along with the migration to React but have now two different methods for location dropdowns.
  • Figuring out which fields should an administrator of the site have the ability to edit for a user.
  • Mocking the geocoding when running integration tests so that we don't call a third party API when testing.


Now no matter where a user may be located, they are able to find a Women Who Code community.